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At last, a day when we can grow the trunk! The tree begins to fully take over the Roundhouse. We’ve been feeding the oculus – which feels like a distant planet – with our yummy lines of LEDs. & it’s an insatiable beast. It’s great to see the distnat nooks and rings of the building come to life as we start to wrap it with light…

213-140818-Branches_0002_IMGL0415.JPG 213-140818-Branches_0003_IMGL0416.JPG 213-140818-Branches_0013_IMGL0613.JPG 213-140818-Branches_0010_IMGL0553----.JPG       213-140818-Branches_0009_IMGL0534.JPG 213-140818-Branches_0005_IMGL0485.JPG 213-140818-Branches_0004_IMGL0478.JPG 213-140818-Branches_0011_IMGL0585.JPG

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